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Uphold has taken steps to provide an evehigher level of standard than most financial services companies for all of our accounts in order to ensure your Upḧold Login account and your personal information are secure. These include:

If you are new at Uphold then you can sign up for an Uphold account as well using the Brave browser. People who have not installed the Brave browser on their device can easily get it using a mobile or web browser from the Brave.com webpage. Make sure that you have the Uphold username and password details.

On this page, we are talking about the way to access the Uphold account using a Brave browser. To link Uphold account with a wallet on Brave, you must have min 15 BAT in your account. Also, ensure to verify the KYC of your Uphold account to complete the process without any delay.

How to Complete the Uphold Login Process for US Residents?

Follow the guide given below to log into your Uphold account.

  1. To begin, type your valid email address. This is where you’ll find Uphold site alerts.
  2. Create a strong passcode. It must have a total of at least 8 characters.
  3. Then, choose your country of residency.

Note: Residents of countries other than the United States of America can also register for the Upḧold Login platform. Take a look at the section after this to see how to accomplish it. Because there are various processes for residents and non-residents of the United States.

How to Complete the Uphold Login Process for Non-US Residents?

Please read the steps given below to log into the Upḧold Login platform if you’re a non-US resident.

  1. First and foremost, provide your full name.
  2. After that, give the location of your residents.
  3. Give your date of birth after that.
  4. After that, create a username for your account. It must have alphabets and numbers. There is no requirement for a special character to appear.
  5. Make a username score symbol after that. There is no requirement for a specific character or space to be present.
  6. As soon as you’ve completed providing the requested information, check your mailbox.
  7. Examine the email you received from the Uphold platform.
  8. Then click the Get Started button.

After completing this process, you can follow the guidelines in the next section for securing your Upḧold Login account.

How does Uphold login secure the user’s personal information?

  • An Uphold login can provide an account verification process in your email id.
  • It also gives the Upḧold Login user a 2-factor authentication to receive a pin code on your mobile.
  • All the information of users on Upḧold Login is transmitted via TLS.

How many types of currencies are available on Uphold login?

On Upḧold Login, we can trade 80 digital currency, 27 national currency, 50 u.s. Stocks and four precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium).

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